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Medica's EasyStat Analyzer

Medica's EasyStat analyzer addresses the sophistication and performance requirements of today's busy, demanding health care environment, while focusing on the laboratory's need to deliver sample results economically and efficiently. Liquid calibrants are packaged in one convenient reagent module, all analyzer components are combined into three simple modules which are easily accessible to the user, and simple menus guide the user through analyzer operation.

The EasyStat analyzer measures pH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, and Hct and calculates additional parameters. Patient parameters, including FIO2, patient ID, patient temperature, %FIO2, drawing site and other information can be entered using the digital keypad and integrated with patient results. Measured and calculated results are displayed and printed.

EasyStat's compact format and modular design diminish space and maintenance requirements. The disposable electrodes and reagent module ensure economical operation and low cost per sample.

Self-contained Reagent Module contains liquid calibrants and collects all wastes.

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 Medica EasyStat