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Medica's Easy Cell Assistant

Cell Image Analysis for the Hematology Laboratory

EasyCell Remote software — create additional workstations for greater efficiency and collaboration

EasyCell Remote software can be installed on existing computers in your lab creating additional review workstations. The software allows for networking of multiple EasyCells and multiple review workstations. EasyCell Remote workstations have all the functionality of an EasyCell assistant except for processing of slides. EasyCell Remote workstations can be located anywhere, allowing access to all patient and physician data.

Improves productivity...

The EasyCell assistant improves productivity by automatically locating 100 or 200 white cells on a blood smear and pre-classifying them on a display, grouped by cell type. The analyzer also displays images of red cells and platelets for performance of red cell morphology and platelet estimate.

Enables walk-away operation...

Slides are loaded into the 30-position carousel or placed in the EasyCell Stat position for immediate analysis. Wright, Wright-Giemsa, or May-Grunwald Giemsa stains may be used. The technologist walks away while slides are being processed.

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