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MPW-65R modern refrigerated microcenrtifuge

MPW-65R is modern desktop laboratory refrigerated microcentrifuge. Its structure guarantees easy service, safe work and wide range of applications in medical, biochemical and other laboratories, where constituents of investigated material are to be separated into components of different density under the effect of centrifugal force.


  • maintenance-free, brushless drive motor;
  • microprocessor control of spinning parameters provides high repeatability of results;
  • programming of rotational speed or RCF, time, characteristics of acceleration and deceleration;
  • LCD display of actual parameters;
  • spinning in 'short';
  • errors identification system;
  • low interference level (Power Function Module);
  • ecological and efficient cooling system;
  • pre-freezing mode provides stabilization of temperature before and after spinning;
  • compressor overloading protection system;
  • simple control system and ergonomic form;
  • round carriers for tubes 0,4/0,2 ml or 0,5 ml are available;
  • autoclavable rotors;
  • full metal case and stainless chamber;
  • safety features:
  • it is not possible to open the lid during spinning;
  • it is not possible to start when the lid is open.

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