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Cytological set "CYTOSET"

CYTOSET deposit - supernatant fluid insert is intended for dividing systemic fluids, separating microscopic elements from supernatant fluid.

Examined suspensions could be:

  • natural biologic fluids including cerebrospinal fluid, exudates, transudates, joint fluid, vaginal discharge, pus, etc.;
  • suspensions in the isotonic solution of smears, tissue punctates, sputums, washing from bronchial tree, etc.
These suspensions could be investigated depending on purpose in order to:
  • modern microprocessor controller provides for:get microscopic deposit and supernatant fluid from the same sample of examined biologic suspension;
  • get the microscopic deposit only by means of filtration of supernatant fluid to filter paper.

The cytologic kit is indispensable for medicine and veterinary and can also be used in biology and biochemical industry. CYTOSET insert function consists in getting a microscope deposit by using centrifugation of suspension in the work container. The result is microorganic elements of some specific heavier cells deposited on the microscopic slide..


  • fast sedimentation of cells on the microscopic slide using centrifugation with penetration of supernatant fluid to filter paper;
  • recovery of supernatant fluid after deposition of cells on microscope slide by automatic decanting into test tube,
  • protection of fluid against getting into centrifugation chamber - avoiding formations of aerosols,
  • the inserts used as disposable items serve as well as a protection against infections,
  • possibility of getting various sizes (diameter) of cells depositions areas on microscopic slide.

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