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Materials M515

Potentiostat / Galvanostat intermediate power 5A - 5V

The Materials M 515 is a high accuracy, high resolution intermediate power potentiostat / galvanostat.

The unit is designed for materials and energy research applications in both academia and industry. Based on a new and innovative design from our engineering team, the 515 has all the electrochemical features you would expect from a high performance instrument for intermediate power applications. In particular we have designed a wide current range and a low noise measurement capability in order to increase the low end scan rate for Chrono Voltametry - ideal for corrosion applications. The 515 uses our all inclusive electrochemistry application software - VoltaScope. VoltaScope is designed to considering both the chemist and the engineer and includes all the common electrochemical techniques wrapped an intuitive graphical interface.


A potentiostat is a control and measuring device. It comprises an electric circuit which controls the potential across the cell by sensing changes in its resistance, varying accordingly the current supplied to the system: a higher resistance will result in a decreased current, while a lower resistance will result in an increased current, in order to keep the voltage constant as described by Ohm's law.


As a result, the variable system resistance and the controlled current are inversely proportional.

Io is the output electrical current of the potentiostat
Ec is the voltage that is kept constant
Rv is the electrical resistance that varies.

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