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Automated Dry Chemistry Analyzer
Doctors consulting rooms or primary healthcare clinics

SPOTCHEM EZ performs biochemical measurements easily with the dry method reagent strips. A built-in compact centrifuge reduces pre-treatment of samples before measurement. SPOTCHEM EZ is an-advanced easy to use dry chemistry analyzer.

  • Compact & lightweight - Only A4 sized space for installation
  • Built-in compact centrifuge
  • Simple operation
  • Easy calibration with magnetic card
  • Multi-type reagent (with 5 or 6 items) by disease profile
  • Management by barcode is available


Sample: Serum, plasma, whole blood (Hb only)
Sample pre-treatment: Automatic centrifuging with Built-in Centrifuge
Measurement item: 22 Single Tests or disease profiles
Measurement principle: Optical measurement of reflection intensity of reagent colour reaction
Measurement range: Set for every measurement item
Minimum sample volume: 38 μl + 6 μl x number of measurement items (When SP Tube filled with serum only)
Sample consumption per measurement item 4 - 6 μl</
Processing speed 63 test/hr, 9 test/batch (With standard screening)
Warm-up time within 10 min. (+-25c)

SP4430 regents



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