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MPW 351/R/RH-tabletop laboratory centrifuges

Family of universal table top laboratory centrifuges consist of versions below. They are used in medical, biochemical, industrial and other laboratories.

MPW 351- ventilated
MPW 351R - refrigerated
MPW 351RH - refrigerated/heated


  • maintenance-free, brushless motor;
  • LCD display;
  • modern microprocessor controller provides:
  • 99 operating programs;
  • preselection for rotational speed or RCF;
  • 1 sec intervals adjustment for time preselection;
  • time counting begins when push button start is pressed or rpm of the rotor reaches rotational speed set up in the program;
  • 10 acceleration and deceleration curves;
  • temperature adjustment (MPW-351R/RH);
  • short spin button for quick spins;
  • automatic rotor identification;
  • errors indication system:
  • unbalance;
  • improper chosen rotor;
  • interruption of centrifuge;
  • signals of failure in the power supply;
  • monitoring of programmed parameters during spinning,
  • output of RS 232
  • monitor and saving of working parameters throughout PC with centrifuge or directly by thermal printer with serial port,
  • efficient ventilated ducts system (MPW-351);
  • pre cooling program with spinning or without it (MPW-351R/RH);
  • cooling programme after finishing of spinning (MPW-351R/RH);
  • precisely temperature stabilization (MPW-351R/RH);
  • wide range of replaceable rotors and other equipment
  • automatic opening of lid (option);
  • protection system:
  • it is not possible to open the lid during spinning;
  • it is not possible to start when the lid is open.

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