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MPW 251/R/RH-tabletop laboratory centrifuges

MPW-251 is a universal table top laboratory centrifuge. Its structure guarantees easy service, safe work and wide range of applications in medical, biochemical and other laboratories, where constituents of investigated material are to be separated into components of different density under the effect of centrifugal force.


  • maintenance-free, brushless motor;
  • LCD display;
  • modern microprocessor controller provides:
  • 99 operating programs;
  • preselection for rotational speed or RCF;
  • 1 sec intervals adjustment for time preselection;
  • time counting begins when push button start is pressed or rpm of the rotor reaches rotational speed set up in the program;
  • 10 acceleration and deceleration curves;
  • spinning in short mode;
  • automatic rotor indication;
  • errors indication system:
  • unbalance;
  • improper chosen rotor;
  • interruption of centrifuge;
  • signals of failure in the power supply;
  • monitoring of programmed parameters during spinning,
  • stainless steel chamber;
  • effective ventilated ducts system;
  • wide range of rotors and other accessories;
  • protection system:
  • it is not possible to open the lid during spinning;
  • it is not possible to start when the lid is open.

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