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MPW Med. instruments is a producer of medical and laboratory centrifuges. Established in 1948.For many years we were known as "Mechanika Precyzyjna", the manufacturer of laboratory, measuring and controlling equipment, including analytical scales and precise weights.

"Whirl the world with MPW"

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MPW 54-small laboratory centrifuge
MPW 55-small laboratory centrifuge
MPW 56-small laboratory centrifuge
MPW 65R-modern refrigerated
MPW 215-laboratory centrifuge
MPW 223a/b/c/e/es
MPW 251-laboratory centrifuge
MPW 351/R/RH-tabletop laboratory centrifuges
MPW 380/R-laboratory centrifuges
Cytological set "CYTOSET"
The Sprout® compact mini centrifuge