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Model 360 Flame Photometer

Latest five element (Na, K, Li, Ca, Ba) Single channel Flame Photometer Ergonomic design with front loading, unobstructed sample work area, with removable tray for easy cleaning.

With ease of use resulting from auto ignition and flame optimisation. Peak picker for presenting unambiguous readings With selected filter indicator Safety features including fail safe flame detection and shut off, with low air pressure indicator.

High sensitivity with fine manual control of air, and stable flame design.

And ease of maintenance and storage Separate pneumatic and electronic pods Small footprint (20 x 30cm) Easy to remove and clean filter stick.

The Model 360 Flame Photometer's mixing chamber, burner stem and burner head are taken from our world renowned Model 410 Flame Photometer. Automatic flame optimisation comes from our Dual Channel Flame Photometer Model 420 series of instruments.

Put simply, the Model 360 Flame Photometer is a new product built with tried and tested components where it really matters. It has the best limits of detection available from a low cost instrument and precision comparable to higher cost instruments.

The five element filter stick is easy to remove for cleaning and filter replacement. The mixing chamber, burner head and burner stem come apart for cleaning with no tools required. Electronics and pneumatics come in separate "pods" and both are easily removed from the main instrument chassis; offering a potentially huge saving on shipping costs if a return to base repair or replacement becomes necessary.

The appropriate filter for the element to be analysed is selected using the filter stick and indicated by LEDs on the front panel, which also displays flame status by LED. A display "hold" button allows readings to be captured until recorded - useful if you are unexpectedly called away. For ease of operation, the air regulator is accessible and pressure gauge visible at the front.

A large sample work area is also provided in a spill containment tray which is easy to remove and clean. The instrument is supplied ready for use following installation of the chimney. Connection to the mains power supply is easy; each unit is supplied with a universal switch mode power supply with its own multi-plug adapter kit; no need to worry about voltage selection or making up power cords.

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